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    Dhathri Fairness Facepack

    Brightens skin | Reduces dark spots

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Best Natural Face Pack for Dry & Oily Skin

Since ancient times, skin care has been a part of overall body care. A good skincare regime includes identifying the right natural skin care products that suit all skin types. The best remedy for maintaining healthy glowing skin is only through natural means. Ayurveda recommends multiple ways to get healthy glowing skin, without depending on chemical alternatives.  Among the natural ways,  natural face packs are the best for glowing skin, be it dry, normal, sensitive, or oily skin, as they are devoid of harmful chemicals that may cause irritation on the skin or face. In an era where we want age-defying products, that keep us youthful, concerns like pimples, blemishes, acne marks, or scars are worrying. Natural Face packs keep your skin free from such skin concerns, promoting a healthy glow.

Our Best Ayurvedic Facepack – Dhathri Fairness face pack

Dhathri’s Ayurvedic Face pack is a face pack for oily & dry skin. Its a great home remedy that gives you healthy glow and a skin free from pimples, dark spots, dark patches and blemishes.  This natural facepack is made as per varnakaralepavidhi process, as dictated in ancient ayurvedic manuscripts. Our face pack for oily & dry skin is a combination of rich natural ingredients like Lotus, Turmeric, Licorice, Barley and Cobra saffron, all of which, known for the magic they do on skin. It’s an easy to do home facial for the face, adding a vibrant glow. Lotus contains fatty acids that maintain the skin balance. Turmeric is known for its healing powers on the skin, keeping it well protected. It helps to prevent acne or scar marks and blemishes. Licorice works as an inflammation agent that also reduces hyperpigmentation, and is often considered a natural skin lightening agent. Along with this, our face pack also has barley that keps acne away.

Try our Ayurvedic 3 min instant glow face pack that improves skin tone by treating all your skin concerns like black spots, dark patches and blemishes giving your skin a revitalizing boost with a glowing radiance. 

Why Use Dhathri Face pack

Dhathri’s Facepack offers a healthy glow in just 3 minutes. Being a natural facepack, it’s a nourishing addition to your skin leaving an afterglow. By removing the dead skin cells, Our face pack for oily & dry skin offers you complete freedom from all skin problems. Being a natural product, it is free from harmful chemicals and completely safe on the skin. 

How to Use Natural Face Pack

Our natural face pack can be used for all skin types. 

For oily skin, then its the best to use our face pack with tomato juice or orange juice. Mix some amount of face pack with this and make a thick paste. Apply Dhathri Face pack to your face and neck evenly. Massage it gently and rinse off with water after 3 minutes. 

For dry skin, Mix the Face pack with Honey, Curd or Rose Water to make a smooth paste and apply this to your skin and face. Massage it gently and rinse off with water after 3 minutes.

For normal skin, mix it with pure water to make the paste. Massage it gently and rinse off with water after 3 minutes.