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3 Best Home Remedies to Remove Tan from Your Face

How to remove tan from face

3 Best Home Remedies to Remove Tan from Your Face


Tan occurs due to the over-exposure of your skin to the sun. Excessive sun exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation, roughness, and loss of essential moisture from the skin. So proper skin care should be provided for the safety of skin tissues during summer. In addition, tanning makes the skin dry, dry, dull, and lifeless. There are several home remedies that help to remove tan from your face easily without any side effects. In this blog, we discuss 3 different home remedies that help to remove tan from your face naturally.

What is Tan?

A tan is an uneven skin tone after sun exposure. Your skin contains a chemical called melanin that causes pigmentation. A tan in our bodies is the way our skin protects its surface from harmful rays of the sun. When exposed to strong sunlight, your body releases melanin under the skin’s surface. It helps absorb UV radiation. The greater the exposure to UV rays, the greater the pigmentation, resulting in a darker brown. It also puts the skin at risk of certain skin cancers, such as melanoma. 

Why do we Tan? Staying in the sun for too long can make you tan. Regardless of the season, UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin year-round. But you don’t need to panic or worry due to this condition, as it is easy to remove tan from your skin with common natural remedies. Nowadays, people are opting for tanning by artificial means, known as sunless tanning. This is done using tanning lamps, tanning beds, and chemical sprays. However, excessive exposure can damage the skin and increase the risk of cancer.

Home remedies to remove tan from your face

Everyone can face tanning issues due to high exposure to sun rays. If you are in a hurry to fade sunburn over time, try these home remedies. Even though these natural remedies are effective, they can’t make magic overnight, but you can take care of your skin quickly. In addition to home remedies there are different options to remove tan from your face. These include exfoliation, chemical peels, laser treatment, bleaching, and hydrating the skin.

Sun tans vanish naturally without any activities, but if you would like to offer more care to your skin, practicing natural home remedies would help you for sure.

Let us take a look at different natural home remedies to remove tan from your face:

1. Aloe vera

Known as a topical gel, aloe vera removes tan from the face effectively. Aloe vera contains bioactive compounds that help inhibit tyrosinase activity. It also helps in minimizing pigmentation and offers the skin a healthy glow. The soothing effect indulged in Aloe Vera also helps to remove the fine lines and wrinkles imparted in your face and make your face refreshing. Aloe vera gel for face can be applied in different ways.

Procedure 1: Applying Aloe Vera Directly

  • Apply Aloe gel directly to your tan-affected area.
  • Wait for 15-20 min
  • Wash off the aloe vera on your face with cold water.

Practicing this procedure will help you to attain immediate results.

Procedure 2:  Aloe vera Gel and Multani Mitti 

  • Take 2-3 spoons of both Aloe  gel and Multani mitti
  • Make a fine paste of both by mixing them in a grinder
  • Apply the mixture of paste to tan affected areas
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes
  • Then, wash your face with cold water

Procedure 3: Aloe Vera, Cucumber & Honey

  • Grind the cucumber to a paste
  • Take one tablespoon of each aloe gel and honey and mix these with the cucumber paste
  • Apply it to the tan-affected areas
  • Put them for some time and rinse off the face thoroughly after that

You can use this procedure twice a week for better results.

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2. Turmeric 

Turmeric is a natural skin brightening ingredient, which removes tan from your face and improves skin tone. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties indulged in turmeric help to improve the natural glow of your skin. In addition, the turmeric for the face mask reduces acne and marks on your face. You can add turmeric with different natural ingredients to remove tan from your face. Procedure 1: Turmeric, Tomato & Yogurt

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of yogurt, and 1 tablespoon of tomato pure.
  • Apply the mixed paste to the tanned area and leave it to dry
  • Wash with water after sometime 

Following the same procedure for 2-3 days will give you effective results.

Procedure 2: Turmeric, Milk or Rosewater & Gram Flour

Turmeric is known for its excellent skin lightening properties and is a powerful source of anti-inflammatory properties, while gram flour helps exfoliates dead skin cells and brightens the skin effectively. In addition, milk also has exfoliating properties, which rejuvenates the skin completely.

  • Take on a teaspoon of turmeric, 1 cup of gram flour & 2-3 tablespoons of milk or rosewater
  • Stir all the three ingredients together & make a smooth paste of it
  • Apply the paste to the tan-affected areas & allow it to dry
  • Wash it with off normal water 

Procedure 3: Turmeric & Sandalwood

Sandalwood has a soothing, calm, and cold effect on the skin and it helps to lighten the skin tone. Along with this, turmeric helps to fade skin pigmentation.

  • Take sandalwood powder, turmeric, and 2 tablespoons milk of milk and stir them smoothly to form a paste with them 
  • Apply the paste to tanned parts of the body
  • Put them to dry and wash them after some time

Regular usage of this paste will help to produce better results. Instead of milk, you can also use yogurt or coconut milk.

3. Neem 

Packed with so many skin and hair-protecting benefits, from antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to antibacterial and anti-aging, no one can beat neem. This herb can help balance the skin’s oil production and reduce tan on the face, post-acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. In addition, Neem for the face helps in healing wounds and sunburns. Rich in vitamin C, neem stimulates the formation of collagen to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Procedure 1: Neem & Yogurt

  • Take 1 tablespoon of neem and grind it well to a paste form
  • Add the neem paste to 2 tablespoons of yogurt 
  • Allow it to dry and wash it off from the face after sometime

Procedure 2: Neem, Turmeric, Milk & Honey

  • Make a paste by adding Neem, Turmeric, Milk & Honey
  • Put it on your face and leave it to dry
  • Wash off your face after sometime

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Are tan removal beauty products available now? Along with these natural remedies, different categories of tan removal products are available on the market. These skin care essentials are mostly made of natural ingredients that are healthy and effective for your skin.  Tan removal face wash helps to clear your skin completely and to get back the natural glow of your skin.  Along with this, tan removal creams are also available, which have a high impact on cleaning up and protecting your face from all tans. As it is made of natural ingredients, the chances of having side effects are less, and produce the best results according to its use. But anyway, it is crucial to choose the right home remedies that suit your skin. All home remedies might not react on your face in the right way. So it is always better to understand and choose the right remedy you need.

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