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Benefits of Choosing Paraben Free Skin Care Products

6 reasons to choose paraben free skin care products

6 Reasons to Choose Paraben Free Skin Care Products


  Natural skincare is the first and foremost step towards healthy skin. Taking into consideration the number of skin care products that we use daily, it is extremely important to notice skin-based products vary from skin to skin. Not every set of skin products work for every skin type unless it’s ayurvedic products that are healthy and natural. Ingredients are primary and essential in a skincare regimen. Therefore, checking the ingredients in skincare products is a must. Today a number of products are packed under the name beauty and skin care. However, not all of them are natural or chemical-free. Most skin-based products have chemicals including Parabens that are harmful. While searching for Ayurvedic Products online, it is essential and must be a priority to cross-check the ingredients and make sure that your skin care regimen includes Paraben-free products and is safe on any skin type.

Natural ingredients are safe and good for skin health. Opt products that are natural and have ingredients that genuinely add glow to the face or treat your specific skin care concern than ones with chemicals like paraben which harm skin and body. Natural skincare products are free of chemical ingredients, serving the purpose of treating skin concerns and bringing changes gradually. Read on to find out major reasons to avoid skincare products with paraben and other chemicals. 

1. Causes skin allergies:

According to several studies conducted, Parabens can cause skin irritations and allergies or allergic contact dermatitis that is more dangerous on damaged or sensitive skin. Parabens cause irritation on the skin that has wounds or eczema as well.  People with sensitive skin should always opt for skincare products that are natural or herbal with no paraben. Common allergies caused by paraben include red patches, itching etc. exposure to skincare products with paraben can sometimes lead skin to get brittle, cracked or swollen etc. Peoples are searching for Herbal products online and that are mild on damaged and sensitive skin and do not add damage to the existing one. 

2. Youthful Skin 

 Skincare products usually aim to convey the fact that it prevents early ageing. However, Parabens like Methylparaben can actually lead to signs of early ageing, rather than making it look younger. Methylparaben reduces the production of collagen that makes up the protein in your skin. This leads the skin to become saggy and loose.

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3. Healthier Skin

Usage of Paraben is claimed to cause cancer according to several studies conducted. Studies conducted gave an association of breast cancer with moisturizers. The paraben in moisturizers was supposedly responsible for this, says the reports. It is indeed safe to use products that do not have paraben in them, to be on the safe side. Our body is capable of self-cleaning to remove unwanted toxins through the skin. Products that contain toxic substances, Harmful chemicals, fragrances or dyes etc can cause product buildup on the skin.

4. Parabens Cause Dryness

Keeping skin hydrated is the key to healthy skin. However, using skincare products with paraben is said to cause skin dryness by stripping off the moisture content in the skin. Natural sources of ingredients are the best when it comes to skincare products. Natural moisturizers and body creams make sure they do the job of thoroughly moisturizing skin and keeping it hydrated. To meet the issue of dryness, Try Dhathri Moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel which is an alcohol-free formula to keep skin hydrated, with natural ingredients like Rose, Aloe vera and peppermint. This gel is free from Alcohol, Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oil & Triethanolamine.


5. Environment-Friendly:

Harmful chemicals and toxins are carried off to the soil and water causing destruction to the mother earth. Several marine creatures with paraben harbouring paraben were found that led scientists to think about the hormonal disruptions caused by these can affect their overall health. It was found that polar bears, sea lions etc were found to carry paraben in their tissues. It is not just Parabens but other harmful chemicals that cause imbalance to the ecosystem.

6. Spend Less

One thing amusing about the products with paraben and other harmful chemicals is that once you purchase products with these chemicals, it leads to the purchase of other products that can reduce the impact caused by these products. It includes creams for irritated or damaged skin etc. This can be reduced and the money you spend on Natural products can reduce the number of products you depend on once the damage is created.

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Are parabens really harmful?

Small amounts of exposure to Paraben is not harmful, however, large exposure to them could be dangerous. It is advisable to stay away from paraben included products to keep skin healthy, youthful and free from signs of early ageing. Always use products with ingredients that are natural and safe for the skin. Dhathri is an online Ayurvedic store that has a range of skin products that has benefits of Ayurveda for skin. They are free from paraben and other harmful chemicals that damage the skin. Shop paraben free skincare products from our website.

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